Our focus?

The Untold Stories of Entrepreneurs


How have they done it? How did they get to where they are? What were their main struggles?


All of it gathered here for you to explore and discover how our everyday heroes are getting their businesses to the next level.

Get to know the Entrepreneur

There’s, at least, one dedicated entrepreneur behind every brand, business, or even the smallest of the projects being built every day. The point is: Someone went through the process, someone has a story, Indie Digital Brands is here to share it.

Building the Future

Maybe there's an answer to that

When you're just starting out there's a lot of information you can access easily, sometimes the problem is to make sense of it all. Questions upon questions start to arise worrying us about what our next move is. We're sharing how others have done it so that the beginner in you can have a head start in the right direction.

Honesty and Truth Bombs

Thanks to Social Media, some of the stories we're constantly hearing are mostly success cases and how some entrepreneur has found a magic formula that has turned him into an overnight success. However, sometimes this isn't what it really happened and the stories tend to embellish some of the hard truths behind some of the most painful processes of starting something. Some call it an overnight success, some think it’s easy, in reality, most of the times it’s not and the sooner you understand that the sooner you start to focus on the important part of the process: GET IT DONE!

Truth Bomb