About Me

When we are together, the world is fine! :)

Hi there, that's me in the picture... You can pick up your jaw now, the girl on the right is my long-time girlfriend so yes, the good ones are always already taken :)...

I’m Miguel by the way, nice to meet you.

I’ve been working online for the past 5 years as a freelancer and in the past three, I've managed to do it full-time. I’ve made the decision to jump into the freelance lifestyle as soon as I could because since I was little I felt the need to create something of my own and be my own boss.

Indie Digital Brands is one of the projects that is built around the concept of doing that transition and start working on things that interest me and make me proud of what I can do.

My business is also my lifestyle which obviously comes with its own set of challenges and most of the times the content being shared only shows the beauty of being an entrepreneur and don’t elaborate about the hard times, struggles and everyday hustle one has to go through to establish himself on the market and get somewhere. That's why I'm building this platform.

The untold stories of entrepreneurs need to be told. The entrepreneur warriors that are shaping the world and launching businesses when everyone else thinks they are out of their minds. When everyone thinks they’ll fail when the economics tell them they are broke and when they’re working with companies that aren’t on their side and they still keep going. This one is for all of you out there capable of doing this without loosing your minds!