The Untold Story

Indie Founder : Miguel Ferreira

If you haven’t read the “About me” page yet (I forgive you) I’m Miguel and I’m a multimedia freelancer. I’ve started Indie Digital Brands with the purpose of sharing the untold stories of other entrepreneurs and I’ve successfully interviewed some amazing people so far that really inspire me and make me want to do more. There's a long road ahead of me and there's a lot of people I'm reaching out to, which will allow me to share even more impressive and inspiring stories right along with some of their struggles and battles to get to where they are today. Now, let's get to it...

Indie Nomad : Niall Doherty

I'm following Niall's journey for around two years now and I've seen him create, write and build amazing things. Sometimes doing what I think is the impossible, like he's doing right now with his course where in 3 months he'll do his best to get you to 1000€ per month in income as a freelancer working online. Some of his students achieve results in just weeks and sometimes days. Really impressive! But that's not the Niall I knew.

Indie Youtuber: Corey Ferreira 

Corey Ferreira of (you can read more about him here, where he tells his story) was just another fresh graduate back in 2008 with a business diploma he wanted to put to good use and he really did. He tried things out, he went through the online challenges and he built his following which watches closely his successful digital products, courses, and his documented journey through Youtube where he's almost reaching the 5000 followers mark.

Indie Influencer: Pat Daley

Nine months ago, Pat Daley quit his full-time office job, sold 95% of his possessions, and proceeded to hitchhike across the US from Florida to California. He’s since worked on a farm for three months in Hawaii and then flew to Southeast Asia (where he’s currently located) to focus on entrepreneurial pursuits. 


Indie Startup Founder: Ryan Leavitt

After several entrepreneurial startups, Ryan Leavitt has found success in his newest startup, a cleaning business called Yeti Maids. He just launched the business a few weeks ago but has already gained ten new clients and fifteen bookings. In this interview about his various startups, he talks about the importance of finding your focus.